Tips for Choosing the Right Draftsman

drafting man

When you are getting a new home designed or alterations and additions made to your home, need design concepts for difficult sites, Town houses or Multi residential developments, you will need the services of a qualified, skilled and experienced draftsman. These specialized artists create the skeleton design and framework from which the building will grow. Knowing what to look for and how to select the right draftsman for your project is essential.

Tips for Choosing the Right Draftsman


You should check whether the draftsman has the relevant experience that is required to draw all the plans for your project. The availability of computer programs has made it easy for just about anyone to draw floor plans. Only an experienced professional will be able to take these plans beyond the level of a simple drawing. Keep in mind that your draftsman must have an artistic backbone, but they also need knowledge regarding construction, structure, and building.

Knowledge of Structural Design & Building Codes

Not only will your draftsman need to consider structural demands such as floor and roof loads and load-bearing walls and posts, but they should also keep in mind design aspects such as roof trusses. Understanding the basics of construction needs will ensure that the drawings are integrating a safe and sturdy backbone. You have to ensure that the structure you are getting built will be sturdy and long-lasting.

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